Our Vision and Mission:
  • We aim  to promote and preserve nature for  man’s  wholesome, peaceful and healthy environment  that is conducive to his  physical, mental and spiritual  relaxation, rehabilitation and  recuperation.
  • We will strive to be the resort of choice -- clean, cool, colorful, calm and safe.

    To our Guests : To offer nature and the best facilities  for  his  relaxation, rehabilitation and recuperation under the highest  degree of  customer service and satisfaction.
    To our Business Partners: It shall provide an opportunity  to harness available resources and talents, obtain reasonable financial returns for the common good  of the members and  strengthen the family ties.
    To the Employees: It shall provide a work environment  that promotes creativeness, initiative,  opportunities to grow,  economic upliftment and strengthen their values of work, honesty, cleanliness  and service.
    To the Community: It shall become a responsible organization in terms of  supporting its people,  maintaining  peace and order  and  preservation of the environment and natural resources.
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