La Roca de Trinidad:    “God’s Gift, Natures Beauty, Mineral Hot Springs of Mt. Makiling"

“La Roca de Trinidad Resort” is a hot spring resort, located in Barrio Lalakay, the gateway to Los Baņos, Laguna, one of the fifteen towns in the province of Laguna in the Philippines.  “Los Baņos” is spanish which means "the baths" as this town is rich in free flowing hot springs, known for its therapeutic values. The hot springs are outlets of Mt. Makiling, known to be an extinct volcano. Situated at the foot of Mt. Makiling, the place is a mini-forest of old trees, natural plants, and vines.

 “La Roca de Trinidad Resort” is located at the left side of the National Highway Km. 58 southbound from Manila, past Calamba, Jose Rizal’s birthplace. The resort is near the former Camp Eldridge, previously used as barracks of the American Naval Station, and is now occupied by the Philippine Constabulary.

 The name “La Roca de Trinidad” is coined from the Rock of Trinidad.  “La Roca” or  “The Rock” in English is in reference to the huge rocks in the terrain and along the hillsides of the resort, once the site of a “Quarry” as a source of stones for building roads.

Trinidad was the name of the great grand matriarch of the owner’s family, christened after the Holy Trinity.  “Dona Trining” as she was popularly called in the 1900’s, was an intelligent and diligent businesswoman, whose fortitude was like a rock. She owned and managed most of the arable lands in Barrio Lalakay that was once farmlands planted to banana, cacao, coffee, rice corn and grazing field for livestock.  The family called it “Bukid”, the reliable source of the family’s rice, root crops and fruits. Unfortunately, it was destroyed during the American Liberation when the Japanese dug holes, built tunnels, and burned some areas.  The family developed it through the years as the site of family picnics and eventually opened to the public as hot spring resort.

 The farm, divided among the 3rd generation family members, has been developed into housing subdivision and resorts, the first being the Libis ng Nayon Resort or “Edge of Town”.  La Roca de Trinidad is one of the resorts developed by the members of the family.  Its owner, widowed at an early age, raised her 7 children with the solid resolve and strength of a rock and adoration for the Holy Trinity.  La Roca de Trinidad is not just a resort.  It is a showcase of how you can enjoy nature and equally preserve it.